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What's the best way to contact you?

Email is probably best! 

You can text or send a DM message on social media. 

You can always phone me, if I don't answer please leave a message, I will always get back to you.

What clothing shall I bring with me?

HEADSHOTS: Bring with you a wide selection of tops and varying necklines that you can try throughout the session. Don’t bring anything with a heavy pattern and try to stick to solid colours and ones that you know suit you. A top needs to help you stand out! Bring an old favourite that makes you feel comfortable, it's an old favourite for a reason. Bring a jacket or two. 

CREATIVE PORTRAITS: Go to town with this. Clothing and style are extremely important that represent you and your creative vision. good quality characterful clothing that can be layered, mixed and matched with contrasting textures, styles and colours this will all help to create stunning images that tell a story about you. 

I'm very nervous, do you have some advice?

Yes, don't be! I will make it as relaxed an experience as possible for you. You won't be asked to get into weird and wonderful posing positions (well, not unless you really wanted to). I don't like having my photo taken so I would never put you in a situation that I wouldn't want to be in. We'll have a chat, play some music and take some photos. The sessions are always very relaxed and a lot of fun.

How/when do I pay?

You will need to pay by Bank transfer before or on the day of the session please, bank details will be included in the confirmation email. Please do not bring cash.

I'm coming from quite far away from Diss, Norfolk, can I request an afternoon session?

Of course! We can arrange a time that suits you when booking. 

What should I do about makeup?

Try and wear what you would normally or for an audition, keep it as natural as possible and you can always add to it as we go.

We can arrange for a Make-up artist if you prefer, there will be an extra charge for this service.


Do you shoot at weekends?

Yes, if the weekend is the only time you are available, we can arrange a Saturday or Sunday.

I wear glasses, can we get a few with me wearing them as well?

Of course! We can always adjust the lighting so you don't get a reflection.

Is there parking at your studio?

Yes, we have parking for about 7 cars.

Once I've picked my shots, how long do they take to edit?

Images will take up to 5 working days to complete, but I will always try and get them done sooner, if possible. If you need them faster,  

I offer an Expedited Editing Service with a 48-hour turnaround - see the "PRICING" page for more information and pricing.

Do you provide headshots for children?

Yes, of course. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Proof of age may be requested.

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